Holly is a lively and ambitious entrepreneur with a strong sense of character, presence and motivation. Holly possesses a proficiency in organization, accompanied by a broad skill set, and tends to leave a lasting, positive impression on employers.

Born to a family of musicians and artists, Holly discovered her natural talents in creative mediums at a very young age, and set out to make a career practicing her craft. Holly obtained an internship at Transmission Events in 2011, after catching their attention with her online custom streetwear clothing store where she screen-printed her own unique t-shirt designs. After a year with the company as a graphic designer and live music photographer, she obtained a full time position at mobile app marketing firm, Appspire.me.

In five months time, Appspire took notice of her sense of leadership and awarded her the position of Creative Director, where her primary focus is producing unprecedented results through marketing efforts for her clients. In January of 2016, Holly was hired with Gravity Current as the Marketing Director, Events Coordinator, and head of Business Development for a music/tech software called Synesthesia. Here she lead all marketing and PR efforts, created and maintained social media accounts, produced all the company’s video content, was responsible for live event photography, event production, business development, email marketing, and much more.

Holly is a true artisan of all things creative digital marketing. Her years of experience, coupled with an ever-expanding skill set is unparalleled.

To learn more about Holly, request a proposal for freelance work, or schedule an interview, email her at hollyjee87@gmail.com, or use the contact form at the bottom of the home page.